Covid-19, Brasil e Canadá: uma análise relacional e comparada

Covid-19, Brazil and Canada: a relational and compared analysis


  • Elói Martins Senhoras Universidade Federal de Roraima



The widespread of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant impacts on human relations, generating ample repercussions characterized by certain patterns of national and international relations. Taking this theme as a reference this paper is aimed to analyze the patterns of socio-political interaction in relation to the securitization of the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada and Brazil through a constructivist approach. The methodological basis of this research is characterized by an exploratory and descriptive nature according to its ends and as well as quali-quantitative to its means which is instrumentalized by the use of a comparative method and a discursive historical-theoretical-deductive logic. The results of the research indicate that the dynamics of national and international relations have become permeated during the pandemic by Lockean (competitive), Hobbesian (conflictive) and Kantian (consensual) the patterns of interaction due to an asymmetrical field of power that turns out to be more complex.  It is concluded based on the results presented in the text that the interactional dynamics reported by Canada and Brazil demonstrate the convergence towards a negative apprehension of the COVID-19 pandemic in the social structure despite the different historical trajectories constructed on a Kantian pattern of relative consensus related to the decision-making processes in Canada in comparison to the Hobbesian pattern of intranational and international conflicts materialized in Brazil.

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Elói Martins Senhoras, Universidade Federal de Roraima

Economista e cientista político. Doutor em Ciências e professor da Universidade Federal de Roraima (UFRR). Email: website:




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Senhoras, E. M. . (2021). Covid-19, Brasil e Canadá: uma análise relacional e comparada: Covid-19, Brazil and Canada: a relational and compared analysis. Revista Intellector - ISSN 1807-1260 - [CENEGRI], 18(35), 20–33.