Fronteiras, Geopolítica e Relações Internacionais

Borders, Geopolitics and International Relations


  • Maria de Fátima Bento Ribeiro niversidade Federal de Pelotas (UFPEL) Autor





The Covid-19 pandemic has deepened a global economic, political, and ecological crisis. In this context, it is necessary to address the closing of borders, a factor that induces discussions about the state, sovereignty, control and policies. The objective of the present article, based on studies about borders, is to reflect about power, geopolitics, and international relations within the crisis context, which, in general, leads us to rethink our history. To this end, the text is divided into two sections: the closing of borders and its repercussions, and the limits of globalization and geopolitics. Finally, the crises we face recall dark times of wars, atomic bombs, destruction, accentuated by the war conflict between countries with nuclear weapons capacity. To quote, Noam Chomsky highlights three threats to human existence: "the threat of nuclear war, the threat of global warming, and the deterioration of democracy".

Biografia do Autor

  • Maria de Fátima Bento Ribeiro, niversidade Federal de Pelotas (UFPEL)

    Doutora em História na área de Política, Memória e Cidade, pela Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP). Professora Associada da Universidade Federal de Pelotas (UFPEL), no curso de bacharelado em Relações Internacionais.




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Fronteiras, Geopolítica e Relações Internacionais: Borders, Geopolitics and International Relations. (2023). Revista Intelector, 19(37), 45-57.